Lovestruck Interiors Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales registration number 8421203.

We were interviewed by the fabulous Decorcafe for their blog and we think this sums us up! Please read on to find out more…

How did it all begin?

“Ours is a classic ‘Kitchen Table’ story. Luckily for us the kitchen table soon evolved into a leaky cold garage and for several years now we have had the luxury of a spacious studio in Wimbledon. It all started out with a fruitless search for an original Christening gift for some gorgeous twins. It needed to be unisex, it needed to be something functional and visual that everyone could enjoy and most of all it needed to be something that wasn’t going to get put away and forgotten about for 30 years. The house it was going into was seriously stylish and I didn’t want my gift to lower the tone!

A personalised height chart seemed to fit the bill but the endless giraffes that didn’t even reach 6 foot left me feeling deflated. My love of wood and all things vintage inspired our wonderful ‘Kids Rule’ giant ruler height chart which has been tweaked several times over the years and now is, we think, simply perfect!”

What else do you sell?

As well as making our own products at the studio (largely in wood), we also love delving into antiques markets for one offs and also source many of our homewares from various corners of the globe. 6 years on from that first giant ruler, Lovestruck has expanded from personalised height charts and toy crates for children to all elements of home storage and interior accessories. Unique pieces include hand carved stone bowls, reloved Indian Thali pots and loaf tins and vintage Hungarian linen bolster cushions.

What is your favourite piece on the website right now?

It has to either be our Giant yellow Tape Measures (I love the zing of that yellow) or, when I am in a more grown up mood I love our new Metal Ampersands – a subtle nod to the current vintage trend without being too shouty.

How would you summarise the Lovestruck ethos?

To make it or sell it we have to love it. You only have to come to my house to see it resembles a Lovestruck Interiors stockroom! With a quirky mix of personalised gifts and vintage homewares, Lovestruck Interiors is intent on adding a little personality to your home.