Although the vast majority of that we love is functional (boxes for storage, vases for flowers etc) it could also be argued that we might not really need it and it is therefore decorative.

The line between the two is blurry but here you will find everything from large coloured metal letters and ampersands, perfect for adding a punch of colour or an industrial edge to a room to pretty glass paintings of birds all the way from India. Perhaps the a look at our wall mounted cow heads – each made from paper mâché and hand painted or our large metal barn stars made by the Amish people from recycled tin rooves.




  • Is it just us or is there NOTHING more fun than spending someone else's money? In our opinion, gift vouchers are a win win gift - they get to choose what they would really like and you are not only incredibly popular but also don't have to worry about getting it wrong. Phew. All gift vouchers are valid for a year from purchase date and can be emailed to the recipient as a PDF or sent in the post with a gift card. Just tell us at checkout how you would prefer to do things and we will make it as personal as possible.
  • This turquoise blue painted wooden mirror hails from India and would work great for a vintage twist in living room alcoves, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and they look stunning with two hung side by side. We have smaller mirrors in a variety of colours so please take a look if this one is too large.
  • Indian Wooden Mirrors

    These beautiful Indian Wooden Mirrors are available in fabulous distressed colours and would work great in living room alcoves, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and look stunning hung together. They can be bought individually or in pairs. We always have some extras in the studio that don't quite 'fit' what we have photographed - please get in touch if you are are intrigued!  
  • This delicate, feminine, brass mirror with glass shelf looks lovely in a bedroom or dressing room with tea lights or trinket boxes displayed on it. The antique brass chain makes it easy to hang and its relatively small size means it fits into a limited space easily.   
  • This Recycled Glass Display Dome has been meticulously handmade from hand blown glass. Complete with sustainable mango wood base, this glass dome is a stylish way to display your collections whilst keeping them safe. This is a really effective way of making something ordinary look extraordinary - a great stylist's trick!  
  • These Cement Planters come in a set of 2 and are designed in a beautiful, soft stone colour. Perfect for vibrant greenery such as cacti and succulents which contrast so beautifully against the grey, but the simple neutrality of these planters would also suit floral plants too. The colour and shape lean towards a minimal, industrial style decor but the heavy element and soft colouring mean they can blend in any environment easily, displaying your plants at their best. Modern, straight and sleek, these beautiful contemporary plant pots come in a set of two slightly different  sizes for display together or separately.    
  • This Industrial style round metal mirror is made from hammered iron and will provide an interesting edge to a hallway, bathroom, bedroom or living area. Complete with bolts and a rough, tarnished finish, these metal mirrors with chunky dull silver frames have a worn look which will contrast beautifully in a traditional home or compliment a modern one. Hang on a wall or lean for a more casual look.    
  • This Vintage Green Vase hails from South West Ukraine, not far from the Romanian border and was originally used for preserving or pickling food. This 5 litre glass jar can be used as a flower vase as pictured but also looks stunning housing fairy lights or is a novel way to display treasures with moss or a mini still life. The glass is uneven and imperfect which only adds to the personality of these stunning and unusual vases.
  • Wall Mounted Cow Head

    These papier mache hand painted cow heads hail from India and each is unique in personality. In Indian society the cow is both honoured and worshipped so make sure this fellow has pride of place in your home. Available in small (approx. 20cm) and large (approx. 30cm) - he may be small but he is mighty! Please note these are fragile vintage pieces which may be chipped or marked in places - we think this just adds to their character but please do not expect them to be perfect or unmarked as they rarely are.  
  • Amish Metal Barn Stars


    Made by the Amish people of Pennsylvania, these distressed painted Amish Metal Barn Stars go just about anywhere – prop up on a mantelpiece or shelf or hang by string or ribbon for a really effective look.

    Not only are they striking but they bring good luck and are said to ward off evil spirits so what's not to love?!

  • Zinc Terrarium

    This zinc terrarium makes a wonderful mini greenhouse and with our new found love of succulents (hard to kill!) these suit us perfectly for a spot of easy indoor gardening. Please note these no longer have hooks on the top.    
  • Out of stock
    Our organic woven jute doorstop is both classic and smart. Handmade by local artisans, this green and blue striped doorstop would work in both town and country. The woven jute doorstop is for decorative and practical use - its is not too bulky but is heavy enough to hold a door open and serve its purpose with style!