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1803, 2016

Preloved to Reloved: Upholstered Dining Chairs

March 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Lovestruck Interiors has evolved from a furniture painting business based (weather dependent) in the garden, then a breezy garage before we were lucky enough to move into our current studio a few years ago. Although we have now added a whole range of other exciting products to our business, furniture painting still remains close to our hearts and we love the commissions we take on for our clients. Since our first commission in 2010 (a huge French armoire that had to be painted on site – talk about starting with a bang!) we’ve done everything from stools and chairs, to chests, drinks cabinets, mirrors, bureaus, dressers and kitchen tables.

Here’s one of our favourites from last year which involved a set of (am I allowed to say ugly?) unloved dining chairs. They were really sturdy and beautifully shaped but needed a serious update. Ideal candidates for the Lovestruck treatment!

After consulting with the client it was decided to go for a chalk paint as they wanted a mat, textured, ‘lived in’ look and I think chalk paint is brilliant if you are trying to bring out the character of old furniture, warts and all. It’s great for highlighting lumps and bumps, knocks and a bit of history.

These chairs had some lovely carving on the legs and by painting them and then using a dark wax and distressing them slightly, these features really ‘popped’ rather than being obliterated by a fresh paint job.  In addition to this I used a white paint underneath to give that aged appearance once some of the paint had been sanded back and made sure my brush strokes were thick and heavy to add texture and an aged feel to the wood.

 The dated green velvet upholstery was ripped out and replaced with an Ian Mankin favourite of mine and I have to say I was thrilled with them. The colour and fabric really updated them & meant they would blend with the client’s home but they still retained their character.

Painted Dining Chairs

We’ve done lots of chairs over the years in all shapes, styles, colours and sizes, here are a few that I have managed to dig out of our archives.

Please get in touch of you have any furniture painting queries or need a hand with a project.

903, 2016

Spring Shoot at Anita Fraser’s Home

March 9th, 2016|3 Comments

We were lucky enough to have the use of Interior Designer Anita’s Fraser’s beautiful Wandsworth home for our recent Spring photoshoot.

Anita has, for the last decade been combining her skills as a photographer, stylist and interior designer and her stunning home is a testament to all her talents. Although first and foremost a family home, Anita has managed to retain a grown up sense of calm and space in her house as well as catering to her three young children, their clutter and their combined busy lives.

It seems a key to Anita’s success with her home is storage – a subject close to our hearts as many of you know! Cupboards are built in to stash away all signs of little people once it is time to relax in the evenings and Anita’s key accent pieces (often in stone or wood) also provide practical places to put things so they can be artfully displayed whilst also being functional. We felt our beautiful pieces were a perfect fit for a calm and artfully styled space.

Our new products for Spring (all shot at Anita’s house) include these beautiful planters, bowls, pots and signs made from stone, brass, wood, tin and hemp – we love these sometimes wonky, sometimes a bit rusty natural materials and the fact that no two pieces are quite the same. Please see the website for more details.

Anita’s home has recently been photographed by Paul Massey and appeared in the August 2015 edition of Living Etc Magazine. More shots of her home and details of her interior design and photography work can be seen at

105, 2015

We feel a Flash coming on…

May 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Wooden Rice Measure               Grey Painted Number Coat Rack                2015-05-01 11.48.03

Cream Key Hooks               Chapati Rollers                Brass Pot

In view of it not being the scorcher Bank Holiday we were hoping for, we hope to put a little bit of sunshine into your long weekend with a Flash Sale of 15% discount on all of our home accessories & painted furniture.

Just pop MayFlash in at the checkout before the end of Monday, we have lots of new products and postage to mainland UK for our home accessories is still free. 

Painted Wicker Umberella Stand                   Upholstered Blanket Box              Charcoal Grey Chest of Drawers