What are cookies?

Cookies make your online experience personalised and save you lots of time by remembering your details. But how do they do it?

Cookies are actually small files that are stored on your computer or phone. They store small bits of data so that when you visit a website, it can remember your preferences and make sure it shows you content that is relevant to you.

And by the way, when you use Lovestruck Interiors we don’t let any third parties put their cookies on your device — that’s not how we roll.

Necessary cookies

Without cookies most websites wouldn’t work, that includes Lovestruck Interiors.

The cookies necessary for Lovestruck Interiors to work allow us to:

  • add items to your basket and create an order
  • check your order status
  • enable customer service agents to chat with you

Our payment provider Stripe also uses cookies which are necessary to remember your card details and process your payments, without storing your card details on Love Struck Interiors systems.

Identification cookies

We use some cookies to remember you and the choices you’ve previously made on Lovestruck Interiors to save you time and make your experience smoother.

The identification cookies we use allow us to remember:

  • the address you usually want to deliver to
  • any notifications you’ve dismissed — so we don’t show them to you twice

Cookies to improve the content you see

We’re always testing out new ways of making Lovestruck Interiors as good as it can be.

We do this by trying out new ideas with small groups of customers before rolling things out to everybody. In order to do this we need to use… yes, you’ve guessed it: Cookies!

The cookies we use for this allow us to:

  • know which versions of our website you are visiting
  • control which versions you visit — to find out which ones work best

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies help us understand how people are using our website. This helps us to constantly improve things.

The analytics cookies we use allow us to see:

  • if you’ve visited Lovestruck Interiors before
  • who’s visited our website without being logged into an account — this tells us how many people are new to Lovestruck Interiors
  • how much time people spend on Lovestruck Interiors and when they close their browser
  • how our customers got to Lovestruck Interiors — for example, if they came to our website from a Google search
  • which parts of our website are being used and which parts aren’t

Advertising cookies

Currently, no page on our website collect data from for the purpose of advertising.

Turning off cookies

If you turn off all cookies, Lovestruck Interiors won’t work properly. But if you want to, you can delete your cookies and manage how cookies are used for the browser you use.

Here are the instructions for desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

And here are the instructions for mobile browsers:

  • Google Chrome on Android
  • Firefox on Android
  • Safari on iOS

Email tracking pixels

Every email we send to our customers contains small gif files, also known as tracking pixels. These are tiny graphic files that contain unique identifiers that enable us to recognise when our marketing subscribers have opened an email or clicked certain links. This allows us to record each subscriber’s email address, IP address, device ID, date, and time associated with each open and click for a campaign. We use this data to create reports about how an email campaign performed and to amend future campaigns based on subscriber interactions. For example, if you never open emails marketing pies, we’ll start to assume you don’t like pies!

Need more information?

If you have any other questions about the way we use cookies, you can contact our general customer services team at: hello@Lovestruckinteriors.com.

What are cookies?

Cookies are pretty cool. They make your online experience personalised and save you lots of time by remembering your details. But how do they do it?