I unshackled myself from a full on desk job after I found the juggle of two small children and office hours too much in 2008. By 2010 I had embarked on a creative journey which included courses in interior design, upholstery, sewing and a furniture painting course with none other than the Chalk Paint queen, Annie Sloan. We were in the throes of the ‘shabby chic’ era and I found Annie incredibly inspirational and her attitude really spoke to me. I got busy on eBay and began to paint and sell vintage pieces and before long I was taking commissions and somewhere in the middle of it all, with a few giant Kids Rule height charts thrown in, Lovestruck Interiors was born.

I spent the first few years with an endless stream of chalk paint commissions, lots of waxing and distressing and people (quite rightly) saving large, solid pieces of furniture from landfill.  We were in the days of ‘austerity’ which meant upcycling, reusing and reinventing was a great business to be in. There was a lot of white, a lot of grey and a lot of distressing. Bulky dark eyesores were being reborn as light, attractive and useful pieces of furniture.

Then came a phase of wallpapering, something I genuinely  still love doing and find a lot of creative businesses out there are really taking this to another level ensuring it is not only innovative but also very fun and unique. For me it started very much as a way to brighten up children’s furniture but since then wallpaper has had a whole new renaissance and the options available are truly staggering – wallpapering furniture is a great way to enjoy this without having to commit to a whole room.

Of course it is only natural that people want their dark, heavy furniture painted in light colours to lift their decor. We’ve had the influences of brocante,  Scandi and even French chateau style which have all added to this. However, over the last couple of years we’ve noticed two distinct trends. The first one is to go back to being able to see the wood grain, even if it means giving the wood a limed or washed effect – we’ve done A LOT of sanding! If you have furniture which has a lovely patina it can be a terrible shame to cover it up and this is the perfect solution to still see this beautiful feature but tone down the colour of the finish.

The other trend we’ve seen is the move to colour (deep joy!) and especially darker colours (even deeper joy!). Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Paint & Paper Library have had us addicted to the charcoals, navy blues, deep greens and pastel pinks. These colours are not just for walls – get them on your furniture too you will be amazed at how fabulous it can look!

So as you can see it is hard to get bored – we’re seeing a move towards darker, richer colours now, more brass and brushed steel, more ‘vintage glam’ and less ‘shabby chic’ which means there is whole exciting world of hardware to dive into (yes, we get excited about drawer pulls and handles…). More importantly we are always up for a challenge so if you have any furniture you want changing in any way, please just get in touch, we would love to help. Who knows, together we may just start the ‘latest’ trend.