We’ve tried to fight off the Veganuary/dry January crowd as being depressing killjoys but the ‘January is rubbish’ vibe has beaten us down and we’ve decided to focus instead on February – much cheerier.

Valentines day is, as we know, a bit marmite. Some people absolutely love it and would be horrified not to adored on that one special day but others dismiss it as commercial tittle tattle. Personally I think most people pretend to be the latter but are secretly the former – yes of course we shouldn’t need a special day out of 365 to tell that special someone that you care deeply but frankly, how many of those 365 are actually spent doing that? Sometimes we Do need a special day just to focus the mind (& heart) a little and take the time to show some love…

In the studio we are split straight down the middle on this one but you can’t run a company with a name like ‘Lovestruck Interiors’ without getting into the love zone right? So what can you buy your other half (or someone admired from afar) without being considered to be cheesy, naff and worse still, obligated? As with ALL gift giving we think the trick is to buy something YOU actually want so here are our favourites for Valentines Day 2019.

Not a whiff of fromage here…

Put it in writing

Our pompom fairylight wreaths and garlands were such a hit we’ve expanded the range to these hearts, available in various colours and the perfect way to light up someone’s life.

Spell it out

The industrial, vintage style of our metal letters couldn’t be less ‘Clinton Cards’ if it tried – a cool way to get your feelings known (& if you split up you can take your initial with you!)

Understated adoration

New in, our metal hearts (& stars) are not only a lovely present but a great home accessory all year – decorate with lights or ivy at Christmas, this one’s not just for February 14th.

Image of a Wash bag, make bag or clutch bag with an image of 'Pretty Hot' printed on in red glitter writing
Flattery will get you everywhere

Pretty Cool, Pretty Gorgeous & Pretty Hot – give yourself a boost and use as a clutch bag or tuck away at home as a washbag content in the knowledge that you rock.

Saying it with flowers? Go the extra mile and add a vase.

Image of a balloon glass vase
Image of a Large Glass storage jar full of Pussy Willows
Image of a vintage green vase that can be used for various things

To encourage your inner romantic we’re offering a 15% discount the website until Sunday 3rd February using the code LOVENEST so no excuses not to make the gesture and give someone you love that warm, squidgy feeling – get nesting.