So at the moment, all the chatter in the studio seems to be about the various teenagers in our lives – all of the team seem to have at least one of them milling about (although anyone in possession of one knows there is nothing as quiet and unassuming as ‘milling’ when it comes to a hormone raging teen!)

Girls and boys can obviously differ enormously but with girls it all seems to be about clothes, makeup and ‘the room’ – much time is spent re-arranging furniture, scouring eBay and making grand plans for restyling, remodelling and redecorating. With this in mind we thought a teen room guide might come in handy.

Depending on your house, one of the elements we have found vitally important is zoning – a teen girl typically needs areas for sleeping, working and most importantly, preening. With all of this comes clutter and at Lovestruck Interiors we are dab hands at making sure everything has somewhere to go.

Here our top 3 bugbears (in no particular order on the annoyance scale..)

NO.3 – LAUNDRY! There are clothes literally everywhere – make sure you have enough storage space for them and the rule needs to be that if it doesn’t fit into the storage provided then there are too many of them and said teenager needs to STOP SHOPPING (& head to the charity shop immediately to donate the excess). In order to tame the inevitable laundry all of these garments amass to (no matter how tiny!) we think our sequin belly baskets do the perfect job – they come in 3 sizes, look cool and can easily be picked up and carried to the washing machine (where we have very clear instructions taped to the side on how it works). Our natural hemp storage baskets are also beautiful and do a similar job.

NO.2 -WORKSPACE! Inevitably this get covered in, yes you guessed it, clothes, so much nagging ensues to get it cleared in order to be homework ready.  Any pots and trays on the desk are all incredibly useful. Tidy desk tidy mind right?

A top tip is to add storage to nearby walls if you can in the form of pinboards, blackboards, racks and hooks – this helps keep deskspace clear.

Research tells us that plants have been proved to greatly improve concentration and increase productivity and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a zing of green to brighten up a room (& something scented might cover up any unwanted odours).

Talking of concentration, here comes bugbear no.1 – the KING of all annoyances when you have a teen-

No.1 -TECHNOLOGY – In an ideal world there would be no tech at all in a bedroom but as kids get older they are increasingly encouraged to use laptops, tablets etc. as part of their school work. However, generally time at the desk needs to be without distractions and we don’t think there is a teenager in all the land that couldn’t make good use of one our digital detox boxes. In fact, most parents could benefit too.

Ok, so they’ve tidied their room, sorted their clothes and laundry, cleared their desks and have downed the technology. It’s only fair they get to have a bit of fun right? We may have elements of our teens we find challenging but generally they are a wonder in so many ways and great fun to be around. So let’s spoil them a bit! Those who like a bit of an industrial edge might like these accessories to give their room a more pulled together look.

Or for something brighter what about these, they make great gifts too.

Talking of gifts we are now off to organise a teenage birthday party – there will be loud music, low lighting, lots of sugar and by far the most exciting element, a photo booth which is being provided by  No doubt some embarrassing photos will sneak onto our instagram account in the next few weeks as let’s face it, whoever thought to have photo booths at parties deserves a medal (closely followed by the person who  invented the silent disco!)

Wish us luck!