I’ve been thinking a lot about bathrooms recently – mine is pretty much the last room in the house to be ‘done’ and is crying out for an overhaul and yet, despite its neglect, is the place I love being in the most. Generally I am left alone when I am in the bath so I tend to be in there a lot. I think in a previous life I may well have been a hippopotamus.

We’ve been slowly adding to our bathroom accessories and are now at the stage where we feel we may actually have enough lovely items to shout about although there are plenty more in the pipeline. Favourites include our huge soft cotton waffle bath towels, delicate recycled glass jars for keeping everything tidy and a selection of mirrors to suit all tastes.

There are two things I believe all bathrooms should have at least one of and that is plants (real ones ideally) and candles. Somehow the greenery lifts the spirits and the candles make that soak in the bath extra indulgent.

Take a look and let us know what you think – if there’s anything you think we should add please let us know, we will do our best to develop a range of interesting and spa-worthy accessories to give your bathroom an edge.

Take a look

image of two waffle bath towels draped over a bath
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Image of an first aid wall cabinet with a grey cross on that has been closed
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imahe of set of 2 glass jars with lids
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Some styling inspiration

Image of a PF Candle Co Golden Coast Scented Soy Candle
Zoomed in image of an Industrial style round metal mirror
Image of a set of Handwoven Basket with Sequins in small. medium, large
kimage of pretty brass mirror on chain with glass shelf
Metal Thali Storage Pots with make-up brushes in and some beauty products
Image of a Personalised initial purse with neon or glitter typography. One with the and sign and one with an E