Wallpaper is a brilliant way to tie your furniture into the scheme of a room, or simply add some interest, colour and fun.

Spicing things up….

The are often asked (or suggest) to use wallpaper on children’s furniture – it can be a really good way to  use something that may be too dominating (or too expensive) to use on an entire wall and can be changed later on if the child or room scheme outgrows it.

“ Wallpaper can add a child-like element to a room without making expensive changes to the decor ”

Paints can be matched or mixed to work with the wallpaper.

Sometimes we might use wallpaper inside drawers or cupboards to add an extra element of fun.

If you have a wallpaper you’ve always loved but haven’t wanted to use it on the walls do consider adding it into your scheme by incorporating it into your furniture, it can be really effective and a lot cheaper than handpainting.