We have been so busy down at the studio recently that it completely passed me by this Summer that we have been making our Kids Rule height charts for over 6 years now.

The idea came about back in early 2012 when my twin nephews were born and the inevitable search came for a gift for them. I was already well established at that time as a furniture painter so when I couldn’t find anything to inspire me online or in the shops it seemed only natural to have a crack at creating something for them myself.

I knew that I wanted it to be something that they, and their family could enjoy together – the silver spoon type gift just isn’t me – and I wanted it to be fun and most importantly look really COOL! I thought about height charts when browsing but the endless giraffes etc. were not only too short (no longevity), too gaudy (not suited to the home this gift was going to) but also just not special enough.

As you can see from how Lovestruck Interiors has since evolved I’ve always had a passion for homeware and a leaning towards natural materials such as wood, stone and metals. I love the things in my home to have ‘feel appeal’. The idea of the giant wooden ruler height chart came about as it ticked so many boxes – a great gift for twins or a whole family and something that could move house with them (no more marking of walls) and could become a family tradition or even an heirloom. I also knew I could personalise it just for them. And so the Kids Rule height chart was born.

Thousands of giant rulers later we are still going strong! We now have a large range to include different wood (softwood as well as oak and walnut). We also have a vast range of colours and finishes from pastel pinks and greens to charcoal grey and natural wood grains.

Meet Our Bestsellers

Image of a Kids Rule wooden ruler height chart in a Mid Oak colour

Our Mid Oak is our original Kids Rule wooden ruler height chart – perfect for the true purist this one is designed to hail back to those school days – nostalgic & now vintage, this is our best seller.

Image of a personalised Kids Rule giant ruler height chart in an Aged Oak colour

Another Kids Rule wooden ruler height chart for those who love natural grain, the Aged Oak is slightly darker in colour and goes beautifully with rich floorboards or as a striking contrast to a paler scheme.

Image of a giant Kids Rules height ruler in a Washed White colour that is hung on a wall in the dining room

Our Washed White height charts look fabulous against non white walls – wonderful in Scandi, neutral interiors this is a timeless height chart and will fit with any decor, so great for families who move a lot.

Image of a Personalised Kids Rule wooden ruler height chart in a Washed Grey colour

Grey features so strongly in so many homes that this beautiful French grey will blend with all tones and be a modern yet understated accent to a room. A Kids Rule wooden ruler height chart for the pared back home.

And Some of our Newer Arrivals

Image of the Summer Edition of the Bespoke Kids Rule Giant Height Chart hanging on the wall.
Image of the summer edition Bespoke Kids Rule Giant Height Chart that are in soft pastel colours